Tuesday, April 10, 2007

jeff wall's photographs::: tattoos and shadows

tattoos and shadows :::

with some limited knowledge on the history of landscape (i took one course at bryn mawr - "poetics and landscape" - how appropriate is that???). the associations i make w/ landscape:::

- - - - the nude (especially, the nude female body)
- - - - repose (ah-hem...see above)
- - - - culture (whether a cultural reference of the moment, or a cultural throwback
to something nostalgic, like the sublime-esque romantic thing you might feel when
viewing a portrait by david kaspar friedrich);
- - - - the hero juxptaposed next to a mysterious landscape (st. george paintings)
- - - - pic-nix.

what i liked about wall's images is their subtlety; there's nothing too spectacular about them - they are, for the most part, documentary; ordinary people doing the ordinary ::: walking, talking, sitting, eating, working. but you read his well constructed/thought out explanations and begin to question what exactly you should be scrutinizing in the image (as opposed to what you are seeing ) ::: what you see is a true "image" but the content is a trick. the images' trickery is both playful and a critiqu.

his work is also decisively of the moment because it's dependent on digital tweaking.

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